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An odd morning!

So this morning I woke up to a bit of an oddity- my roomies iguana was in my room eating cat food!
Now, in case you didnt know this isnt any ordinary iguana. Its not a cute lil green thing that fits in the palm of your hand. This is a giant Rhino Iguana that lives outside during the summer when its nice and hot out for it. Its like 5 feet long from nose to tail and weighs a BUNCH. And its tail is a big thick one that will whip you if you piss him off. Ive not had that pleasure yet and hope never to. I give this big guy a wide berth!

So i was having computer problems!

Turns out part of my hard drive failed on my laptop so Ive been virtually computer-less for the past week! I am so sad. Anyone wanna buy me a new one? Id be ever so grateful!
Im hoping to be back on cams by the middle of next week. It seems like forever! It definitely sucks since cam shows make up the majority of my income- so being without them for over a week is really bad!
Anyways, hope to see you all very soon !!!

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Panties for Sale?!?!

So Ive had lotssss of requests to sell my panties. I cant help but giggle everytime someone asks. I wonder what the laws on shipping used panties are? Like..are they a biohazard? hahahaha Ohhh i crack myself up!
Anyways, should I go buy brand new ones? Or do guys want like old, totally used, ready to be throw out ones? thongs, g strings, full backs? Cotton nylon satin silk...omg the possibilites are endless!

Happy Easter!

Or should I say Hoppy Easter? Hehe!
I have no plans today other than spending it chatting on cam with some of my favorite reg's who promised to keep me company today :)
I love getting to know you guys! Some of you have some crazy funny stories!
Im going to be wearing my cute pink outfit today. I really need to get some new hot outfits!

Friday Night Fun!

Im live on tonight. Come check me out. I Promise you lots of hot webcam fun that you can only get with a sex kitten like me.
Ooo and guess what!?!? A fan sent me some new toys! Im soooo excited! I cant wait to use them for him- he's going to LOVE them! Maybe I'll post some pics up when he comes in for his special show hehe!

Oh yah- heres my direct link to find me on!

My very First Blog Entry!

Oh boy oh boy! I am so excited that my site is up and seems to be working perfectly. Of course, i had a lot of help setting it up, hehe. Stay tuned, cuz I plan to post lots of updates and goodies JUST FOR YOU!


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