Updates and news!

So i recently had a birthday. Last weekend. Wow, busy weekend for me.

Friday me and one of my besties went for pedicures and pretty nails alllll day getting pampered- always fun!
Then Saturday dinner out with lots of friends and then to a local bar/club. Not bad at all!
Then Sunday it was like a thousand degrees outside so i got talked into going to see the new Star Trek movies...and i admit, it didnt suck nearly as much as I thought it would!
Had a small break on monday to relax, and then another dinner party tuesday. Whew!
Can you believe through all of that, I didnt even eat any birthday cake! How weird huh?

I have a new webcam, and its amazing! The clarity is unreal and it has 5x's zoom- so you can see ALL of me very up close and personal, hehe. Trust me, you will LOVE it! I plan to use it to get some new photos up for you all to enjoy, so stay tuned!

Also, later this week look for me to join a new website for cams. I think you will like it!


hey my birthday is on the day

hey my birthday is on the day u posted this lol